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The United Kingdom, which includes Great Britain, is not particularly known for its large lakes when compared to countries with extensive lake systems like the United States or Canada. Nevertheless, there are several notable lakes in the UK, especially in Scotland and northern England. Here are some of the main lakes in Great Britain:

  1. Loch Ness: Located in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness is one of the most famous lakes in the UK. It is renowned for the Loch Ness Monster, a mythical creature said to inhabit its waters. Loch Ness is the second largest lake by surface area in Scotland and one of the deepest in the country.
  2. Loch Lomond: Also situated in Scotland, Loch Lomond is the largest inland stretch of water in Great Britain by surface area. It’s a popular destination for water sports, fishing, and hiking, as it’s located within the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.
  3. Windermere: This is the largest natural lake in England and is located in the Lake District National Park in the northwest of England. Windermere is a popular tourist destination known for its picturesque landscapes and various water-based activities.
  4. Derwentwater: Another lake in the Lake District National Park, Derwentwater is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and is known for its recreational opportunities, including boating and hiking.
  5. Loch Tay: Located in central Scotland, Loch Tay is a long, narrow lake that offers beautiful views and a variety of water sports, including kayaking and sailing.
  6. Ullswater: Also found in the Lake District, Ullswater is the second largest lake in the national park. It’s known for its serene beauty and is a popular destination for sailing and hiking.
  7. Loch Awe: Situated in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, Loch Awe is the longest freshwater loch in Scotland. It is famous for its historic Kilchurn Castle, which stands on its northern shore.
  8. Loch Katrine: This lake is located in the Trossachs region of Scotland and is renowned for its scenic beauty. It is a source of freshwater for the city of Glasgow.

These are some of the main lakes in Great Britain, each offering its own unique charm and recreational opportunities. The lakes in Scotland, in particular, are known for their stunning natural beauty and are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.
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