Difference Vector and Raster

Difference Vector and Raster

Vector graphics are digital art that is rendered by a computer using a mathematical formula.
Raster images are made up of tiny pixels, making them resolution-dependent and best used for creating photos. …
Raster images are made of pixels or tiny dots that use color and tone to produce the image.

EN: Most of the maps and plans of cities – very large in size, and contain a great many curves. To facilitate the further work with the files and ease of installation, all the large maps are divided into squares. Typically, this allows the user to not very powerful computer – quickly and effectively work with the files in preparation for printing.

ES: La mayoría de los mapas y planos de ciudades – muy grande en tamaño y contienen una gran cantidad de curvas. Para facilitar el trabajo futuro con los archivos y facilitar la instalación, todos los grandes mapas están divididos en cuadrados. Típicamente, esto permite que el usuario no muy potente ordenador – rápida y eficazmente trabajar con los archivos en la preparación para la impresión.

RU: Большинство географических карт и планов городов – весьма велики по объему, и содержат огромное множество кривых. Для облегчения дальнейшей работы с файлами и удобства монтажа, все большие карты разделены на квадраты. Обычно это позволяет пользователю с не очень мощным компьютером – быстро и эффективно работать с файлами при подготовке к печати.

Simple Video Guide – How to work with Vector Maps – chande colors. add Halo etc. in Adobe Illustrator

You can: Mass select objects by type and color – for example, the objects type “building” (they are usually dark gray) – and remove them from the map, if you do not need them in your print or design project. You can also easily change the thickness of lines (streets), just bulk selection the road by the line color.

The streets are separated by type, for example, type “residential road” are usually white with a gray stroke. Highway usually orange with a brown or dark gray stroke.

It is easy to change the font of inscriptions, all or each individually. Also, just can be make and any other manipulation of objects on the vector map in Adobe illustrator format.

Important: All the proportions on the map are true, that is, the relative sizes of the objects are true, because Map is based on an accurate GPS projection, and It transated into the (usual for all) the Mercator projection.

You can easily change the color, stroke and fill of any object on the map, zoom without loss of quality Image Verification.

Small guide: How to work with the vector map?

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