Turku Finland editable vector map svg free

Editable Vector Map of the Turku Finland in SVG format.
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Turku Finland editable vector map svg free

Turku Finland editable vector map svg free

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Turku, Finland, is a historic city with a well-planned urban structure. Here are some of the principal streets, roads, and city districts in Turku:

Principal Streets and Roads:

  1. Aurakatu: A central street in Turku that runs from the Aura River, past the Market Square (Kauppatori), and is lined with various shops, cafes, and historic buildings.
  2. Hämeenkatu: This street extends from the Turku Market Square towards the eastern part of the city, leading to the district of Varissuo.
  3. Eerikinkatu: Runs parallel to Aurakatu and is one of the major streets in the city center, known for its shops, restaurants, and cultural institutions.
  4. Yliopistonkatu: A pedestrian-friendly street in the heart of Turku, known for its vibrant atmosphere and numerous retail establishments.
  5. Itäinen Rantakatu & Läntinen Rantakatu: These streets run along the eastern and western banks of the Aura River, respectively, offering scenic views and access to many of Turku’s attractions, including the Turku Castle.
  6. Martinkatu: Located in the Martin district, this street is known for its residential character and local amenities.
  7. Kaskenkatu: Extends from the city center to the eastern suburbs, passing through residential and commercial areas.
  8. Puistokatu: A beautiful tree-lined street that adds to the scenic charm of Turku, often leading to parks and green areas.
  9. Satakunnantie: One of the main arterial roads that connects Turku to the northern parts of the region, important for both local and regional traffic.

Principal City Districts:

  1. Keskusta (City Center): The commercial and cultural heart of Turku, containing major landmarks such as the Turku Cathedral, Market Square, and several shopping centers.
  2. Port Arthur (Portsa): A historic residential district known for its wooden houses and quaint, picturesque streets.
  3. Martti: A primarily residential area located south of the city center, characterized by its peaceful atmosphere and proximity to the Aura River.
  4. Varissuo: A diverse and multicultural district to the east of the city center, known for its high-rise apartment buildings.
  5. Runosmäki: A residential suburb located in the northern part of Turku, known for its family-friendly environment and green spaces.
  6. Hirvensalo: An island district connected to the mainland by bridges, offering a mix of residential areas and natural landscapes.
  7. Kärsämäki: A district in the northwestern part of Turku, characterized by a mix of residential and industrial zones.
  8. Nummi: Located near the Turku University campus, this area is popular with students and academic staff.
  9. Kupittaa: Known for its large park (Kupittaa Park), sports facilities, and the presence of many tech companies and startups.
  10. Raunistula: A historical residential area to the northwest of the city center, known for its old wooden houses and a unique local community.

These streets, roads, and districts collectively define the urban landscape of Turku, offering a blend of historical charm and modern amenities.

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