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Portland Oregon Vancouver Washington US vector map svg free

Portland Oregon Vancouver Washington US vector map svg free

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Portland, Oregon is known for its diverse neighborhoods, vibrant culture, and distinct districts. Here is an overview of some of the principal streets, roads, and city districts:

Principal Streets and Roads

  1. Burnside Street:
    • A major east-west thoroughfare that divides Portland into North and South.
    • Home to the iconic Burnside Bridge and various nightlife spots.
  2. Naito Parkway:
    • Runs along the west bank of the Willamette River.
    • Provides access to Waterfront Park and downtown attractions.
  3. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (MLK):
    • A significant north-south route in Northeast Portland.
    • Known for its diverse range of shops, restaurants, and businesses.
  4. Division Street:
    • Runs east-west and is famous for its trendy restaurants, bars, and boutiques.
    • A key destination in the Southeast district.
  5. Hawthorne Boulevard:
    • Another major east-west street in Southeast Portland.
    • Known for its eclectic mix of vintage shops, cafes, and music venues.
  6. Powell Boulevard:
    • A major east-west arterial road connecting downtown Portland with the outer southeast neighborhoods.
  7. Sandy Boulevard:
    • Diagonally cuts through Northeast Portland.
    • Known for its quirky businesses and vibrant nightlife.

Key Districts

  1. Downtown:
    • The central business district.
    • Hosts Pioneer Courthouse Square, numerous corporate headquarters, and the Portland Art Museum.
  2. Pearl District:
    • Formerly an industrial area, now a chic neighborhood with art galleries, upscale shops, and dining.
    • Known for its converted warehouses and loft-style living spaces.
  3. Northwest District:
    • Includes Nob Hill and the Alphabet District.
    • Characterized by historic Victorian homes, boutique shopping, and popular 23rd Avenue.
  4. Lloyd District:
    • An economic and commercial hub in Northeast Portland.
    • Home to the Oregon Convention Center, Moda Center, and Lloyd Center Mall.
  5. Alberta Arts District:
    • A vibrant neighborhood in Northeast Portland known for its art galleries, street art, and Last Thursday Art Walk.
  6. Mississippi/Williams:
    • An area in North Portland known for its hip, lively atmosphere.
    • Features a mix of vintage shops, food carts, and trendy eateries.
  7. Hawthorne District:
    • Located in Southeast Portland along Hawthorne Boulevard.
    • Famous for its bohemian vibe, unique shops, and diverse culinary scene.
  8. Sellwood-Moreland:
    • A family-friendly neighborhood in Southeast Portland.
    • Offers antique shops, parks, and the historic Oaks Amusement Park.
  9. St. Johns:
    • A historic district in North Portland with a small-town feel.
    • Notable for the St. Johns Bridge and a variety of local shops and eateries.
  10. South Waterfront:
    • A rapidly developing area along the Willamette River.
    • Known for its modern high-rises, OHSU facilities, and scenic riverfront views.

These streets and districts each contribute to the unique character and charm of Portland, making it a diverse and interesting city to explore.

Vancouver, Washington, has a diverse range of principal streets, roads, and city districts, each contributing to the city’s infrastructure and community dynamics.

Principal Streets and Roads

  1. Main Street: Running through the heart of downtown, Main Street is a focal point for businesses and cultural activities.
  2. Fourth Plain Boulevard: A major east-west corridor that connects various neighborhoods and commercial areas.
  3. Mill Plain Boulevard: Another key east-west route, heavily used for commuting and lined with commercial establishments.
  4. Andresen Road: A significant north-south route that intersects with several key east-west roads, providing access to residential and commercial areas.
  5. Highway 99: Runs parallel to Interstate 5, serving as a major arterial route for local traffic and businesses.
  6. SE 164th Avenue: A major north-south road in the eastern part of the city, crucial for accessing suburban residential areas.
  7. NE 137th Avenue: Important for connecting neighborhoods and facilitating access to local amenities and schools​  
  1. Downtown Vancouver: The central business district with a mix of historic and modern buildings, home to government offices, retail, and dining.
  2. Uptown Village: A vibrant neighborhood known for its eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and community events.
  3. Columbia Way: Located along the waterfront, featuring parks, trails, and scenic views of the Columbia River.
  4. Cascade Park: A residential area in the eastern part of the city, known for its suburban feel and family-friendly amenities.
  5. Hazel Dell: A large suburban district to the north of downtown, with a variety of shopping centers, schools, and parks.
  6. Fishers Landing: A growing neighborhood in the southeast, characterized by newer residential developments and commercial hubs.
  7. Orchards: A suburban district to the northeast, with a mix of residential and commercial properties​  

These streets and districts form the backbone of Vancouver, WA, each contributing to the city’s functionality and livability.

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