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Dorling Cartograms for Better School Days
Madagascar: Free vector map Madagascar, Adobe Illustrator, download now maps vector clipart

Today the Huffington Post are promoting’s BestSchoolDay campaign, The campaign is asking members of the public to donate to classroom projects across the USA. You can find more Main roads US printable vector map, full editable, Corel Draw, Royalty free here.
The Huffington Post and Stamen Design has created an interactive map which visualizes the total number of projects and the total number of unfunded projects in each state.
The map includes a really clever ‘bubbles’ view. Select the ‘bubbles’ button and the map transitions to a Dorling Cartogram of the same data. The shape of each state on the map transitions to a circle which is scaled to represent the number of projects in that state.
If you want to know more about Dorling Cartograms then there is a really great description at ArcGIS. If you want to make your own map that transition into a Dorling Cartogram you could start with d3.js. Mike Bostock has created a nice example in which the state of California transitions into a circle.
In Mike Bostock’s Shape Tweening example topojson is used to create a map of California which then transitions into a circle. If you want to change the size of the circle to represent a data ratio then you just need to adjust the radius variable in the JavaScript to represent the size of your data. Source.

Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Having developed in isolation, the island nation is famed for its unique wildlife.

Traditionally, the Malagasy economy has been based on the cultivation of paddy rice, coffee, vanilla and cloves. But despite a wealth of natural resources and a tourism industry driven by its unique environment, the country remains one of the world’s poorest and heavily dependent on foreign aid.

Since gaining independence from France in 1960, Madagascar has experienced repeated political instability, including coups, violent unrest and disputed elections.

The most recent coup in 2009 led to five years of political deadlock, international condemnation and economic sanctions. Despite the return of democratic elections in 2013, the political situation remains fragile.

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