Vector Map Santiago Moca Dominicana: PDF and Adobe Illustrator

Vector Maps of the Santiago de los Caballeros : city in the north of the Dominican Republic. On a hilltop, the 1944 Monumento de Santiago, topped by a white column, is dedicated to the heroes of the Dominican Restoration War. Dominican art is displayed at the Centro León cultural center. The 17th-century Fortaleza San Luis is now a museum, with tanks and military equipment. Park Duarte has paths, tropical trees and a bandstand.
Area: 524 km²
Elevation: 175 m
Vector Maps of the Moca : the capital of Espaillat province in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic, and is the tenth-largest city of the country with a population of 173,442 inhabitants. Moca is located 11 miles/18 kilometers east from the country’s second-largest city, Santiago.
Elevation: 183 m
Area: 239.4 km²
Download royalty free, editable vector maps of Santiago de los Caballeros and Moca Dominican Republic in high resolution digital PDF and Adobe Illustrator format.

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