Illustrator Map Turin Italy

Turin, the capital city of the Piedmont region in northern Italy, is situated on the banks of the Po River. The city’s layout and infrastructure are influenced by its historical and geographical features. Here’s an overview of Turin’s principal waterways, bridges, and main streets:


  1. Po River: The Po River is the longest river in Italy and flows through Turin, dividing the city into two parts. The river has played a crucial role in the city’s history, and its banks are often used for recreational activities.


  1. Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I: This is one of the most iconic bridges in Turin, spanning the Po River. It connects the city center with the district of Borgo Po.
  2. Ponte Isabella: Another important bridge crossing the Po River, Ponte Isabella provides a link between the city center and the southern neighborhoods.
  3. Ponte del Valentino: Located near the Parco del Valentino, this bridge is known for its picturesque views and connects the city with the Valentino Park area.
  4. Ponte Regina Margherita: This bridge connects the central part of Turin with the area around the Piazza Crimea.

Main Streets:

  1. Via Roma: One of Turin’s main thoroughfares, Via Roma is a bustling shopping street that runs through the heart of the city. It connects Piazza Castello to Porta Nuova railway station.
  2. Corso Vittorio Emanuele II: This wide avenue extends from Piazza Castello and leads to the Po River. It is lined with shops, cafes, and historic buildings.
  3. Via Po: Running parallel to the Po River, Via Po is a historic street known for its arcades, bookshops, and cafes. It connects Piazza Castello with the iconic Gran Madre di Dio church.
  4. Corso Moncalieri: This street leads to the Lingotto district and is known for its diverse shops and restaurants.
  5. Corso Agnelli: Named after the famous Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli, this avenue connects the Lingotto area with the southern parts of Turin.
  6. Corso Regina Margherita: Running along the Po River, this street is notable for its picturesque views and connects the city center with the southern neighborhoods.

Turin’s waterways, bridges, and streets contribute to the city’s charm and provide both locals and visitors with a rich urban experience. The combination of historical architecture, cultural attractions, and the natural beauty of the Po River enhances the overall appeal of Turin.

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