Illustrator Map Seattle + Bellevue Washington US

Seattle and Bellevue, both located in the state of Washington, are part of the Greater Seattle metropolitan area. Here’s an overview of the principal waterways, bridges, and main streets in the area:


  1. Puget Sound:
    • Puget Sound is a large inlet of the Pacific Ocean known for its deep waters and stunning scenery. It is a crucial waterway for the Seattle-Bellevue region and supports a variety of marine activities.
  2. Lake Washington:
    • Lake Washington is a freshwater lake located east of Seattle and separates the city from Bellevue. It is the second-largest natural lake in Washington and is a popular destination for boating and other water recreation.
  3. Lake Union:
    • Lake Union is a freshwater lake situated between Seattle and Bellevue. It is known for its houseboat communities and is home to various recreational activities.


  1. Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (SR 520 Bridge):
    • Connecting Seattle and Medina, this is one of the longest floating bridges in the world. It spans Lake Washington and is a key transportation route.
  2. Aurora Bridge (George Washington Memorial Bridge):
    • Crossing the Lake Union Ship Canal, this iconic bridge connects the neighborhoods of Queen Anne and Fremont. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas.
  3. Fremont Bridge:
    • Spanning the Fremont Cut of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, the Fremont Bridge is a bascule bridge with a distinctive counterweight tower.

Main Streets:

  1. Downtown Seattle:
    • Downtown Seattle is a bustling area with various main streets, including 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, and Pike Street. It’s home to many shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.
  2. Bellevue Downtown:
    • Bellevue’s main streets, such as Bellevue Way and NE 8th Street, are at the heart of the city’s business district. The area features upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
  3. University Way (The Ave):
    • Located near the University of Washington, University Way, commonly known as “The Ave,” is a vibrant street lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes catering to students and residents alike.
  4. Ballard Avenue NW:
    • In the Ballard neighborhood, Ballard Avenue NW is a historic street with a mix of trendy boutiques, eateries, and a lively atmosphere.
  5. Eastlake Avenue:
    • Running along the eastern shore of Lake Union, Eastlake Avenue is known for its scenic views, houseboats, and a variety of dining options.

These are just a few highlights of the waterways, bridges, and main streets in the Seattle-Bellevue area. The region is known for its picturesque landscapes, thriving urban centers, and a rich maritime history.

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