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Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is not known for its extensive waterways compared to some other European cities. The city is situated on the Manzanares River, but it does not have a significant network of navigable water channels like Amsterdam or Venice. However, there are some notable bridges and main streets in Madrid:


  1. Manzanares River:
    • The Manzanares River flows through Madrid, dividing the city into two parts. While it is not a major waterway for transportation, its banks are popular for recreational activities and green spaces.


  1. Puente de Segovia:
    • This historic bridge spans the Manzanares River and connects the Puerta del Ángel area with the Príncipe Pío area. It offers picturesque views of the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral.
  2. Puente de Toledo:
    • Located south of the city center, the Puente de Toledo is another iconic bridge over the Manzanares River. It has a distinct design and provides access to the Madrid Río Park.

Main Streets:

  1. Gran Vía:
    • Known as the “Broadway of Madrid,” Gran Vía is one of the city’s main arteries. It is famous for its theaters, shops, and vibrant nightlife. The street runs through the heart of the city, connecting Plaza de España to Calle de Alcalá.
  2. Paseo del Prado:
    • Home to several of Madrid’s most important cultural institutions, including the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the Reina Sofía Museum, Paseo del Prado is a tree-lined boulevard that is a cultural hub of the city.
  3. Calle de Alcalá:
    • One of the longest streets in Madrid, Calle de Alcalá extends from Puerta del Sol to the northeastern part of the city. It is a major commercial and residential thoroughfare.
  4. Gran Via de San Francisco:
    • This street runs alongside the Manzanares River and offers pleasant views of the city. It is part of the historic area known as Madrid de los Austrias.
  5. Calle Mayor:
    • Located in the historic center of Madrid, Calle Mayor is a charming street with traditional Spanish architecture. It connects Puerta del Sol to the Almudena Cathedral.

While Madrid may not be defined by its waterways like some other European cities, its bridges and main streets contribute to the city’s vibrant atmosphere and cultural richness.

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