Houston Texas US City Vector Map

Houston, Texas, is a vast and sprawling city with a complex network of streets and roads. Here are some of the principal streets and roads in Houston:

  1. Interstate 10 (I-10): One of the major east-west highways, I-10 traverses Houston from the west (coming from San Antonio) to the east (towards Beaumont). It passes through the downtown area and is a crucial route for commuters and travelers.
  2. Interstate 45 (I-45): Running north-south, I-45 connects Houston to Dallas to the north and Galveston to the south. It is a key route for both local and long-distance travel.
  3. Loop 610 (I-610): Also known as “The Loop,” I-610 is a roughly 38-mile loop that encircles the inner city of Houston. It connects various neighborhoods and is a vital route for navigating around the city.
  4. US Highway 59 (I-69): This north-south highway connects Houston to cities like Victoria, Laredo, and points north. It is a significant transportation corridor for both local and long-distance traffic.
  5. Westheimer Road: A major east-west thoroughfare, Westheimer Road is known for its commercial areas, shopping centers, and diverse dining options. It extends from the western suburbs into the heart of Houston.
  6. Memorial Drive: Running parallel to Buffalo Bayou, Memorial Drive is a scenic route that connects the western suburbs to downtown Houston. It passes through areas with parks, residential neighborhoods, and cultural institutions.
  7. Richmond Avenue: Another important east-west street, Richmond Avenue extends from the Galleria area to the west, passing through neighborhoods like River Oaks and Montrose. It is lined with businesses, restaurants, and residential areas.
  8. Allen Parkway: Running along the northern edge of downtown Houston, Allen Parkway provides a scenic route with views of Buffalo Bayou. It connects downtown to the western neighborhoods and Memorial Drive.
  9. Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Tollway): This is an outer loop highway that encircles the greater Houston area. It provides a route for drivers who want to bypass the inner city or travel between different suburban areas.
  10. Texas State Highway 288: Connecting downtown Houston to the southern suburbs and the Texas Medical Center, SH 288 is an important north-south route.
  11. Ella Boulevard: This north-south street passes through several neighborhoods, including the Heights, and is known for its local businesses and residential areas.

These are just a few examples, and Houston’s road network is extensive. The city is known for its large blocks, diverse neighborhoods, and a grid system that makes navigation relatively straightforward despite its size.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.
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