Editable Map Spanish Town Jamaica

A general description of Spanish Town in Jamaica and its transportation infrastructure.

Spanish Town: Spanish Town is the capital and largest town in the parish of St. Catherine in Jamaica. It holds historical significance as it was the former capital of Jamaica during the Spanish and early British colonial periods. Today, it remains an important urban center in the country.

Maritime Transportation: Jamaica, including Spanish Town, has several ports and harbors that facilitate maritime transportation. The most significant maritime facilities are likely to be found in major cities and ports, such as Kingston and Montego Bay, rather than in Spanish Town itself. The country’s primary container terminal is the Kingston Container Terminal.

Air Transportation: For air transportation, the nearest major international airport to Spanish Town is the Norman Manley International Airport (KIN), located in Kingston. This airport serves as a hub for international and domestic flights, providing connections to various destinations.

Local Transportation in Spanish Town: Within Spanish Town and its surrounding areas, transportation primarily relies on road networks. Buses, taxis, and private vehicles are common modes of local transportation. The road infrastructure connects Spanish Town to other towns and cities across the island.

Please note that for the most accurate and up-to-date information on transportation in Spanish Town, you should check with local authorities, transportation agencies.

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