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These graphic files are usually separated into layers – color fills, streets and roads, arrows of street directions, road labels, objects,
street names, object names, places names (such as city and town, suburb, borough, district, etc.), grids, scales, and map legend. All names are in text/curves format.
Please, see the preview gallery of each map and carefully read the descriptions.

Usually, maps of all cities are available in at least two scale versions – high detailed  – 100 meters scale (all street names) and low detailed – 2000 meters scale (names are shown only for main streets). It is made for printing in various formats.

Full Countries Vector Maps in Adobe Illustrator, PDF and other vector formats
US City Maps Vector Urban Plans in the Adobe Illustrator, PDF Editable
Canada City Maps Vector Urban Plans in the Adobe Illustrator, PDF
Germany City Maps Vector Urban Plans in Adobe Illustrator, PDF Editable
Maps of the Cities and Countries in Vector formats: Editable Adobe Illustrator PDF DWG DXF CDR
Vector Maps Australia exact City Plans Street Maps editable Illustrator
France City Maps Vector Urban Plans in the Adobe Illustrator, PDF
Russia City Plans Vector Street maps in the Adobe Illustrator PDF

Standard City Plan: Easy to edit and print, usually includes the specific city and suburbs. Most City Plan vector maps are provided in full version – containing highways, streets, city parks, rivers, lakes, and other important objects. All types of objects have unique universal parameters – large streets are displayed with one type of lines, small streets – with other types, highways – the third type, etc., that makes possible mass editing of all objects of the same type. All street and objects names use text format and are fully editable.

Here you will find all maps for your project in one place.

Many maps contain additional information – for example, postal codes and ZIP-codes areas, or transport stations, sometimes – transport schemes. Usually, this additional data is added to separate layers at the request of the customer. It’s free.

On this site: more than 3,000 vector maps of cities, countries, states and administrative areas.

Example: Chicago, Australia or Oregon


Do you have any other maps of this place?
In most cases – yes, there are other maps of this place. Use the search (above), just enter the name of the city, state, country.

Is this exactly a vector map? How much can I zoom in or out?
Yes, it really is a vector map. You can zoom in or out as much as you like without affecting the resolution. Note that when you zoom in or out of the map (the entire map), ALL objects zoom in proportionally and dimensionally.
All objects on the map – roads (by type), street names, names of places (cities) and others – are divided into layers. When working with a map, a good solution will be to block all layers that you do not work with.
If you need to increase only the inscriptions (for example, street names) – this is possible. But, if you enlarge, for example, only street names with the operations “select all objects in the layer”, than click “objects” -> “transform” -> “transform each (for example, 200%)” – some street names can begin to intersect, also may go out of the curved street lines.
This will need to be edited manually.
Try one of our free map samples to see the maps in action >>>

The map preview below shows only bitmaps (JPG) of vector map fragments, and for practical reasons the preview is limited to certain levels of scaling.

Is the map completely editable?
Yes, everything you see on the map can be edited and stylized in different ways. You can try one of our free map samples to see how the map works.

I don’t need certain features of the map, can I hide them?
Yes, objects in your map are organized into layers that you can hide, delete, or edit individually.
You can try one of our free map samples to see the typical layers on our map >>>

Does the map not cover the area I need?
Of course, we can make a map for you that covers another area, quickly and at affordable prices.
Please contact us! >>>

Maps of the cities and countries in vector formats: exact editable printable up-to-date Adobe Illustrator PDF EPS SVG CorelDraw AutoCAD DWG DXF Map Clipart for Design and Printing Digital Cartography

These digital vector maps in Adobe Illustrator, PDF, CorelDraw, DWG  and other formats are latest, exact and detailed editable city maps. Perfect for publishing, design works, large format printing, presentations, architectural and urban projects, business and logistics. You can edit and publish these maps without limitations, it is Royalty Free.

If you need something special or just can`t find a map, please let us know: You will receive your map within 24 hours

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These high detailed road and highway and street maps are fully editable multi-layer Adobe Illustrator and PDF files.
Adobe Illustrator files are vector format files that provide clarity and high quality images at any magnification.

All primary map objects/features are on their own layer. For a complete list of objects/layers, see the list of layers.
This map also comes as a fully editable Adobe PDF map file. This PDF can be opened using Adobe Reader’s free software, which allows you to zoom in on any part of the map while keeping clear lines and text at any level of magnification.
All our Adobe PDF map files can easily be included in a wide range of other software products such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and others.
Our PDF maps are also 100% editable in Illustrator 10 and above, allowing you to select and edit any object on the map (e.g. state/county/country boundaries, road lines, text, etc.).
All major map objects are on their own intuitively labeled layers, making it easy to show/hide, edit, and delete each major map object. For a complete list of features/layers, see the list of layers.

About Our Digital Maps

VectorMap.Net offers publishers, graphic designers, web developers, and multimedia developers instant access to beautiful, high-quality, and fully editable Adobe Illustrator maps.
We offer thousends of of vector maps, from simple blank maps of the US, all countries and the world (FREE!) to highly detailed maps incorporating dozens of editable layers for county lines, buildings, landuse areas, major roads, residential streets of the cities and urban areas.
All of our maps were designed so that the map’s core objects, such as state lines, text, county lines and other core map symbols, were intuitively layered and fully editable in digital vector format.

Designed by designers and publishers: DPI for print: 150; 300; 600; 1200

Because each of our digital maps is available in Adobe Illustrator or editable PDF, both of which take a vector approach to displaying images, you can easily enlarge any part of our maps without any degradation in the quality of the map’s text, lines and symbols, regardless of the magnification factor.
With Adobe Illustrator, you can easily trim parts of your map, add custom symbols, and change the colors and attributes of any objects as needed.

Why are our maps better than Google maps? Read here: >>>

Detailed Vector maps of the cities, states, regions, and countries in the popular formats: Adobe Illustrator, PDF, CorelDRAW, DWG, DXF.

Vector maps are separated by layers, scalable and fully editable. Here you can find ready-made maps up-to-date, or order a custom map of any area, city or country for your project.

Your custom map will be ready in 24 hours. The price of custom maps — same as on the site. Royalty free.

Vector maps for design, printing, publishing, media projects, business, architecture, urban planning, marketing, research and development projects.

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