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Alabama, “The Heart of Dixie”
Abbreviation: AL

The etymology of the word or name, Alabama, has evoked much discussion.
It was the name of an Indian tribe (Alabama, Albama, Alebamon, Alibama, Alibamou, Alibamon, Alabamu, and Allibamou).
Alabama possibly means “Here We Rest”, but it could also mean “thicket clearers”, Alabama being a compound of Alba meaning
“a thick or mass vegetation,” and amo meaning “to clear, to collect, to gather up.” Alabama became the 22nd state in 1819.
From the early 19th century, Alabama’s economy was dominated by cotton. However, although it is still
an important crop, such as corn, peanuts, soybeans have taken over much of the former cotton lands.
Particularly in the second half of the 20th century, a comparatively rapid industrialization set in.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) program of hydroelectric power production, begun in the 1930s,
fostered the growth of giant fertilizer, munitions, and aluminum industries.
Alabama, known as “Heart of Dixie” occupies a central place in the history of the South.
Montgomery, the Alabama capital, served as the first Confederate Capital during the Civil War.
Tourists can visit Alabama’s historic homes and gardens, reminiscent of the Old South.
Also popular are the resorts and beaches on Dauphin Island, the Gulf Shore and Mobile Bay.

Capital City: Montgomery
Governor: Bob Riley (to Jan. 2011)
Senators: Jeff Sessions, R (to Jan. 2015), Richard C. Shelby , R (to Jan. 2011)
House of Representatives: 7 districts | Search by zip code

Population (July 2005): 4,558,000; National Rank: 23; Percent change since April 2000: 2.5%%
Land Area: 50,766 sq. mi.(131,443 sq km): National Rank: 30
Largest Cities (2005): Birmingham, 231,483; Montgomery, 200,127; Mobile, 191,544; Huntsville, 166,313; Tuscaloosa, 81,358; Hoover, 67,469; Dothan, 62,713; Decatur, 54,909; Auburn, 49,928; Gadsden, 37,405

Total Gross State Product 2005 prel. (billions of current dollars): $132,2
Per Capita Personal Income 2005 (current dollars): $29,136; National rank: 41
State Exports 2005 (millions of current dollars): 10,796; National Rank: 24
Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, cattle, nursery stock, peanuts, cotton, vegetables, milk, soybeans.
Industry: Paper, lumber and wood products, mining, rubber and plastic products, transportation equipment, apparel.


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