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Riverside and San Bernardino, located in Southern California, offer a variety of nature parks and natural reserves, providing residents and visitors with opportunities to explore the region’s diverse ecosystems and outdoor recreational activities.

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Here is a detailed description of some prominent nature parks, natural reserved areas, and the tourism scene in Riverside and San Bernardino:

Nature Parks:

  1. Mount Rubidoux Park:
    • Located in Riverside, Mount Rubidoux Park offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscapes.
    • The park features hiking trails, historic landmarks, and the iconic cross at the summit.
    • It’s a popular spot for hiking, picnicking, and enjoying outdoor events.
  2. California Citrus State Historic Park:
    • Situated in Riverside, this park preserves the cultural and agricultural history of the citrus industry in California.
    • Visitors can explore the citrus groves, learn about the history of citrus farming, and participate in interpretive programs.
  3. Box Springs Mountain Reserve:
    • This reserve, located near Riverside, encompasses diverse habitats, including chaparral, woodlands, and grasslands.
    • Hiking trails lead to scenic viewpoints, offering a chance to observe wildlife and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.
  4. Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park:
    • Positioned in Riverside, this park features rugged terrain, including hills, canyons, and a variety of plant and animal species.
    • Hiking and biking trails provide opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the diverse landscapes.

Natural Reserved Areas:

  1. San Jacinto Wilderness:
    • Part of the San Bernardino National Forest, the San Jacinto Wilderness is known for its alpine scenery and diverse ecosystems.
    • The Pacific Crest Trail passes through this area, attracting hikers and backpackers.
  2. Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument:
    • Encompassing both Riverside and San Bernardino counties, this monument protects a range of ecosystems from desert to alpine.
    • Popular activities include hiking, bird watching, and enjoying the unique flora and fauna.

Tourism in Riverside and San Bernardino:

  1. Historic Downtown Riverside:
    • Riverside’s downtown area offers historic architecture, cultural attractions, and a vibrant arts scene.
    • The Mission Inn, a historic landmark, is a popular destination for visitors.
  2. March Field Air Museum:
    • Located near Riverside, this museum showcases the history of aviation, with a focus on military aircraft and artifacts.
  3. Big Bear Lake:
    • While technically part of San Bernardino County, Big Bear Lake is a popular tourist destination for both counties.
    • Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and skiing in the winter.
  4. California Route 66 Museum:
    • Located in San Bernardino, this museum celebrates the iconic Route 66, showcasing the history and culture of the famous highway.
  5. Outdoor Recreation:
    • Both counties offer a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, camping, and water sports in various parks and recreational areas.

The Riverside and San Bernardino region provides a diverse array of natural and cultural attractions, making it a compelling destination for nature lovers and tourists alike.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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