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Let’s explore the tourist routes and main attractions in New Brunswick, Perth Amboy, and Staten Island.

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New Brunswick, New Jersey:

Tourist Routes:

  1. Historic Downtown Walking Tour:
    • Explore the historic district of downtown New Brunswick, featuring Victorian-era architecture, charming streets, and cultural landmarks.
  2. Rutgers University Campus Tour:
    • Visit the renowned Rutgers University campus, known for its beautiful green spaces, historic buildings, and cultural attractions.
  3. The Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park:
    • Take a scenic stroll or bike ride along the canal, enjoying picturesque views, wildlife, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Main Tourist Attractions:

  1. State Theatre New Jersey:
    • Attend a performance or show at the State Theatre, a historic venue offering a diverse range of entertainment.
  2. George Street Playhouse:
    • Enjoy live theater productions at the George Street Playhouse, a well-regarded regional theater.
  3. Old Queens Campus (Rutgers University):
    • Explore the Old Queens campus, featuring historic buildings, gardens, and the iconic Voorhees Mall.
  4. Johnson Park:
    • Relax in Johnson Park, a scenic green space with walking paths, a lake, and recreational facilities.

Perth Amboy, New Jersey:

Tourist Routes:

  1. Waterfront Exploration:
    • Stroll along the waterfront and enjoy views of the Raritan Bay, historic buildings, and the Perth Amboy Marina.
  2. Historical District Walking Tour:
    • Explore the city’s historical district, featuring well-preserved colonial architecture and landmarks.

Main Tourist Attractions:

  1. Perth Amboy Waterfront:
    • Take in the scenic views of the Raritan Bay, visit the waterfront park, and explore the marina area.
  2. Proprietary House:
    • Tour the Proprietary House, New Jersey’s last royal governor’s mansion, and learn about the city’s colonial history.
  3. Perth Amboy City Hall:
    • Admire the architectural beauty of Perth Amboy’s City Hall, a historic building with a distinctive clock tower.

Staten Island, New York:

Tourist Routes:

  1. Staten Island Greenbelt:
    • Explore the Greenbelt, a network of parks and natural areas offering hiking trails, nature reserves, and scenic spots.
  2. Historic Richmond Town Tour:
    • Visit Historic Richmond Town, a living history village with restored buildings dating back to the 17th century.

Main Tourist Attractions:

  1. Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden:
    • Discover the cultural center, museums, and botanical gardens at Snug Harbor, providing a peaceful escape.
  2. Staten Island Ferry and Statue of Liberty Views:
    • Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry for stunning views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline.
  3. St. George Theatre:
    • Attend a performance or tour the historic St. George Theatre, an ornate venue with a rich history.
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