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Information on the transportation infrastructure in Crawley, United Kingdom, and the connectivity to Gatwick Airport. 

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Crawley Transportation Infrastructure:

  1. Roads and Highways:
    • Crawley is well-connected by road networks. The M23 motorway runs to the west of the town, providing easy access to London and Brighton.
    • The A23 road also passes through Crawley, linking it to London and the south coast.
  2. Rail Transport:
    • Crawley has a major railway station known as Crawley railway station. It is served by trains running on the Brighton Main Line, connecting it to London Victoria, Gatwick Airport, and Brighton.
    • The Gatwick Express, a dedicated train service, provides a fast connection between Crawley and Gatwick Airport.
  3. Bus Services:
    • Crawley is served by a comprehensive bus network, connecting different parts of the town and nearby areas. Bus services are operated by various companies, including Metrobus.
    • Metrobus services provide connections to Gatwick Airport, Horsham, and other nearby towns.
  4. Cycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure:
    • Crawley has made efforts to improve cycling infrastructure, including dedicated cycling lanes and bike-sharing programs.
    • Pedestrian-friendly zones and sidewalks are present in the town center.

Gatwick Airport Connectivity:

  1. Gatwick Airport Railway Station:
    • Gatwick Airport has its own railway station, located at the South Terminal. It provides direct rail services to various destinations, including London Victoria, London Bridge, and Brighton.
    • The Gatwick Express is a non-stop train service that connects Gatwick Airport to London Victoria in about 30 minutes.
  2. Road Access:
    • Gatwick Airport is well-connected to the road network, with the M23 motorway providing easy access. The airport is located about 28 miles south of Central London.
  3. Bus and Coach Services:
    • Various bus and coach services operate to and from Gatwick Airport, providing connectivity to nearby towns and cities.
  4. Taxi Services:
    • Taxis are available at designated ranks at both the North and South Terminals of Gatwick Airport, providing convenient transportation options for passengers.
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