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A general overview of the economic and transportation aspects of Blackpool and Preston in the United Kingdom. 

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Economic Overview:

  1. Tourism:
    • Blackpool is a prominent seaside resort and has been a popular tourist destination for decades. The town is known for its iconic Blackpool Tower, Pleasure Beach amusement park, and the annual Illuminations festival.
    • Tourism plays a significant role in the local economy, supporting businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  2. Entertainment Industry:
    • Blackpool has a thriving entertainment industry, hosting various shows, concerts, and events throughout the year. The Winter Gardens, for example, is a venue that hosts conferences, exhibitions, and live performances.
  3. Retail and Services:
    • The town has a range of retail outlets, catering to both locals and tourists. Additionally, there are service industries providing essential services to the community.
  4. Challenges:
    • While tourism is a key economic driver, Blackpool faces socio-economic challenges, and efforts have been made to diversify the local economy.


  1. Roads:
    • Blackpool is well-connected by road. The M55 motorway links it to the national motorway network.
  2. Rail:
    • Blackpool has a railway station, Blackpool North, providing train services to various destinations including Preston and other major cities.
  3. Trams:
    • Blackpool has a historic tramway system, providing a unique mode of transportation within the town.
  4. Buses:
    • Bus services operate in and around Blackpool, connecting different areas of the town.


Economic Overview:

  1. Education and Research:
    • Preston is home to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), contributing significantly to the education and research sector.
  2. Retail and Commerce:
    • The city has a mix of retail establishments, shopping centers, and commercial areas. The Fishergate Shopping Centre is one of the main retail hubs.
  3. Manufacturing and Industry:
    • Preston historically had a strong manufacturing base. While this has evolved, manufacturing and industry still play a role in the local economy.
  4. Health and Public Services:
    • The healthcare and public service sectors contribute to the overall economic activity.


  1. Roads:
    • Preston is well-connected by road, with major motorways including the M6 passing through or near the city.
  2. Rail:
    • Preston has a central railway station, Preston Railway Station, which serves as a key transport hub connecting the city to various destinations across the country.
  3. Bus Services:
    • The city has an extensive bus network, providing local and regional transportation.
  4. Preston Dock:
    • Historically an important industrial area, Preston Dock has been redeveloped, and its waterfront is now a leisure destination.

It’s important to check for the latest developments and changes in the economic and transportation landscape of Blackpool and Preston, as localities can undergo transformations over time.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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