Illustrator Map Perm Russia

Some general information about Perm, Russia, including its principal waterways, bridges, and main streets.


  1. Kama River: Perm is situated on the banks of the Kama River, one of the longest rivers in Europe. The Kama River plays a significant role in transportation and commerce in the region.


  1. Kama River Bridge (Perm Bridge): This bridge is one of the main crossings over the Kama River, connecting different parts of the city.

Main Streets:

  1. Lenin Street (Lenina Street): This is one of the central streets in Perm, often hosting various events and gatherings. It is lined with shops, cafes, and cultural institutions.
  2. Sibirskaya Street: Another important street in Perm, known for its commercial and retail activities.
  3. Komsomolsky Prospekt: This avenue is significant in the city’s urban layout, hosting various businesses, residential areas, and cultural institutions.

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