Illustrator Map Orange County California US

Orange County, located in Southern California, is known for its diverse landscape, thriving communities, and numerous waterways, bridges, streets, and roads. Here’s a brief overview of some of the principal waterways, bridges, and main streets and roads in Orange County:


  1. Santa Ana River:
    • One of the major rivers in Southern California.
    • Flows through Orange County, providing a water source for the region.
  2. Newport Bay:
    • A large estuary in Newport Beach.
    • Connected to the Pacific Ocean by Newport Beach Harbor.
  3. San Juan Creek:
    • Flows through the cities of San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point.


  1. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Bridges:
    • Several bridges along PCH that span various waterways, offering scenic coastal views.
  2. Main Street Bridge, Huntington Beach:
    • Spans the Huntington Beach Channel and connects the Balboa Peninsula to the mainland.
  3. Seal Beach Bridge:
    • Connects Seal Beach to the city of Long Beach.

Main Streets and Roads:

  1. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH):
    • Iconic coastal highway running along the Pacific Ocean.
    • Offers breathtaking views and access to many beach communities.
  2. Interstate 5 (I-5):
    • A major north-south interstate that traverses Orange County, connecting it to Los Angeles and San Diego.
  3. State Route 55 (SR-55):
    • A crucial north-south highway connecting the coastal and inland areas of Orange County.
  4. State Route 91 (SR-91):
    • An east-west freeway connecting Orange County to the Inland Empire.
  5. Irvine Boulevard:
    • Runs through the city of Irvine, connecting various neighborhoods and commercial areas.
  6. Chapman Avenue:
    • A major east-west thoroughfare that passes through several Orange County cities.
  7. Jamboree Road:
    • Important north-south road in Orange County, passing through cities like Irvine and Newport Beach.
  8. Katella Avenue:
    • Runs through Anaheim and is known for its proximity to Disneyland Resort.

These are just a few examples, and Orange County has an extensive network of streets, roads, and highways that facilitate transportation and connect its diverse communities.

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