Illustrator Map Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam and a major economic and cultural hub. The city is characterized by a network of streets and roads that vary in size and function. Here are some principal streets and roads in Ho Chi Minh City:

  1. Dong Khoi Street:
    • One of the most famous streets in the city, known for its upscale shops, hotels, and restaurants.
    • Located in District 1, it runs from Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon to the Saigon River.
  2. Le Loi Street:
    • A major thoroughfare in District 1, home to shops, commercial buildings, and the Vincom Center shopping mall.
    • It intersects with Nguyen Hue Walking Street.
  3. Nguyen Hue Walking Street:
    • A pedestrian-only street in District 1, often hosting cultural events and festivals.
    • Features modern architecture, shopping, and entertainment options.
  4. Nguyen Van Binh Street (Book Street):
    • A unique street in District 1 known for its bookstores and cafes, creating a literary and cultural atmosphere.
  5. Tran Hung Dao Street:
    • A significant street that runs through District 1 and is known for its diverse range of shops and businesses.
  6. Pham Ngu Lao Street:
    • Famous for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and budget accommodations.
    • Located in District 1, it is a popular area for backpackers.
  7. Vo Van Kiet Boulevard:
    • A major east-west route connecting Districts 1 and 5, lined with government buildings and commercial establishments.
  8. Cach Mang Thang Tam Street:
    • Named after the August Revolution, it is a busy street with a mix of businesses and residential areas.
  9. Mai Chi Tho Avenue:
    • An important arterial road connecting District 2 and District 7, known for its modern development and high-end residential complexes.
  10. Ton Duc Thang Street:
    • Runs along the Saigon River in District 1, offering scenic views and access to various riverside attractions.
  11. Hai Ba Trung Street:
    • Passes through District 1 and is known for its shopping opportunities, including boutiques and fashion stores.
  12. Le Duan Boulevard:
    • Home to several government offices, luxury hotels, and the Reunification Palace.
    • Connects District 1 with District 3.

These are just a few examples, and Ho Chi Minh City has a dense network of streets and roads that cater to the diverse needs of its residents and visitors. The city’s street life is vibrant, reflecting a mix of modern development and historical charm.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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