Illustrator Map Hemel Hempstead UK

Hemel Hempstead is a town in Hertfordshire, England, and it has a well-planned road network. Here are some of the principal streets and roads in Hemel Hempstead:

  1. Magic Roundabout: Perhaps one of the most famous features in Hemel Hempstead is the “Magic Roundabout.” It’s a unique traffic circle with multiple smaller roundabouts around a central one. The roundabout connects several major roads.
  2. Marlowes: This is a significant shopping street in the town center, featuring various shops, restaurants, and businesses.
  3. Waterhouse Street: Located in the town center, this street is known for its shops, cafes, and the Riverside shopping complex.
  4. Leighton Buzzard Road: This road runs through the town and connects to the M1 motorway, providing access to London and other major cities.
  5. London Road: Running through the town, London Road is a major route connecting Hemel Hempstead to other towns and cities.
  6. A414: This is a major road that passes through Hemel Hempstead and provides a connection to St Albans and Welwyn Garden City.
  7. A4251: This road runs through Hemel Hempstead and connects to Watford and Tring.
  8. M1 Motorway: While not within the town itself, the M1 motorway is easily accessible from Hemel Hempstead, providing a crucial link to London and the North.
  9. Maylands Avenue: This is an important road in the Maylands industrial area, hosting various businesses and offices.
  10. Two Waters Road: Connecting the town to the Two Waters area, this road is significant for local transportation.

It’s important to note that Hemel Hempstead is designed with a series of roundabouts and interconnected roads, making it relatively easy to navigate. Additionally, the town has a mix of residential areas, commercial zones, and green spaces. For the most current and detailed information on the road network in Hemel Hempstead, it’s recommended to consult local maps or online mapping services.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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