Illustrator Map Ghent Belgium

Ghent, a city in Belgium, has a network of streets and roads that contribute to its unique charm. The city center is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and is easily navigable on foot. Here are some of the principal streets and roads in Ghent:

  1. Graslei and Korenlei: These are two picturesque streets running along the banks of the River Lys (Leie). They are lined with medieval guildhalls and are considered among the most beautiful streets in Ghent.
  2. Veldstraat: One of the main shopping streets in Ghent, Veldstraat is bustling with shops, boutiques, and cafes. It’s a pedestrian-friendly street, making it a popular destination for shoppers.
  3. Sint-Michielsbrug: This is a bridge that provides a great view of the Graslei and Korenlei, as well as the medieval skyline of Ghent.
  4. Korenmarkt: This is the main square in the city center, surrounded by historic buildings, restaurants, and cafes. It’s a hub of activity and a central point for many events and festivals.
  5. Belfry of Ghent: Although not a street, the Belfry is a prominent landmark and tower in the city center. It offers panoramic views of Ghent and the surrounding areas.
  6. Sint-Baafsplein: This square is home to St. Bavo’s Cathedral and the famous Ghent Altarpiece. The cathedral and the square are central to the city’s history and architecture.
  7. Emile Braunplein: A square named after the former mayor of Ghent, Emile Braun. It is surrounded by historical buildings, including the Opera House and the City Hall.
  8. Coupure Links and Coupure Rechts: These are two streets that run along a canal, offering a charming atmosphere with trees, cafes, and old buildings.
  9. Jan Breydelstraat: This street connects the city center to the train station and is lined with shops and businesses.
  10. Gent-Zeehaven: This is the industrial port area of Ghent, where you’ll find a different aspect of the city with its harbors and industrial infrastructure.

Keep in mind that Ghent has an extensive network of smaller streets, alleys, and canals that add to the city’s character. Exploring the city on foot or by bike is a great way to discover hidden gems and enjoy the historic atmosphere.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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