Illustrator Map Den Haag + Delft Netherlands

Den Haag (The Hague) and Delft are two cities in the Netherlands that are known for their rich history, cultural heritage, and architectural significance. Here are some of the most famous buildings and landmarks in each city:

Den Haag (The Hague):

  1. Binnenhof: This medieval complex houses the Dutch Parliament and the office of the Prime Minister. The Binnenhof is a symbol of Dutch political history and features a mix of architectural styles.
  2. Ridderzaal (Knight’s Hall): Located within the Binnenhof, the Ridderzaal is a grand hall used for state functions and ceremonies. It is an iconic example of Gothic architecture.
  3. Peace Palace: Constructed to house the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Peace Palace is an impressive building that serves as a symbol of peace and justice. It features a blend of Neo-Renaissance and Gothic architectural styles.
  4. Mauritshuis: A museum located in a 17th-century mansion, the Mauritshuis is renowned for its collection of Dutch Golden Age paintings, including masterpieces like Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and Rembrandt’s “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp.”
  5. Noordeinde Palace: The official residence of the King of the Netherlands, Noordeinde Palace is a beautiful royal palace with a rich history.


  1. Nieuwe Kerk (New Church): This Gothic-style church is the final resting place of members of the Dutch royal family, including William of Orange. It is known for its impressive tower and beautiful interior.
  2. Oude Kerk (Old Church): Delft’s oldest parish church, the Oude Kerk dates back to the 13th century. It features a leaning church tower and is a significant historical and cultural landmark.
  3. Delft City Hall: The Renaissance-style city hall is an architectural gem in Delft. It is characterized by its red and white shutters and is located on the Markt square.
  4. Prinsenhof: This former convent became the residence of William of Orange. It is now a museum showcasing the history of the Dutch Revolt, featuring bullet holes from the assassination of William of Orange.
  5. Vermeer Centrum Delft: While not a historic building, the Vermeer Centrum is a museum dedicated to the life and works of the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, who was born in Delft.

Both Den Haag and Delft offer a fascinating mix of historical and contemporary landmarks, providing visitors with a glimpse into the Netherlands’ rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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