Editable Map Yilong China

Yilong is Located in northeastern Sichuan and the transition zone of Yilong low mountains and hilly, mainly of it is hilly. It has many rivers such as the Jialing River, a major Yangtze tributary.

Administrative Districts

This county has 29 towns and 27 townships, 879 village committees, 6040 Groups of villagers, 56 Residents committees and 56 Residents groups. July 8, 2003 by the State Council, the People’s Government of the resident Yilong County town of Jincheng moved to the town of Xinzheng, September 29, 2005 officially moved to the town of Xinzheng.


  • Tabfba road:Across Jingcheng (金城) and Tumen(土门)
  • Yibei road:Across Jincheng (金城) and Sanjiao
  • Xinma road:Across Xinzhen (新政) and Ma’an (马鞍)
  • Bazhong–Nanchong Expressway
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