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Zambia is known for its stunning national parks and wildlife, offering a diverse range of ecosystems and abundant wildlife. Here are some of the prominent national parks in Zambia:

  1. South Luangwa National Park: Located in the eastern part of Zambia, South Luangwa is one of the most famous national parks in Africa. It is renowned for its high concentration of wildlife, including leopards, lions, elephants, hippos, and various antelope species. The Luangwa River meanders through the park, providing a water source for the animals.
  2. Kafue National Park: Kafue is one of Africa’s largest national parks, covering a vast area in western Zambia. It offers diverse landscapes, from grassy plains to woodlands and riverine forests. Visitors can spot a wide range of animals, such as leopards, cheetahs, lions, and various bird species.
  3. Lower Zambezi National Park: Situated along the banks of the Zambezi River, this park provides excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and water-based activities. Elephants, buffalo, crocodiles, and numerous bird species are common sights along the riverbanks.
  4. North Luangwa National Park: This remote park is famous for its pristine wilderness and offers a more exclusive and intimate safari experience. Visitors can observe elephants, lions, and a variety of antelope species in a natural and unspoiled setting.
  5. Liuwa Plain National Park: Located in the western part of Zambia, this park is known for its large wildebeest migration, which is one of the second-largest in Africa after the Serengeti migration in Tanzania. The park is also home to hyenas, cheetahs, and various bird species.
  6. Lochinvar National Park: This park is situated on the Kafue Flats and is renowned for its birdlife, particularly the numerous waterfowl species that inhabit the wetlands. It’s also home to large herds of antelopes and other wildlife.
  7. Kasanka National Park: This park is famous for hosting one of the world’s largest fruit bat migrations, which occurs from October to December each year. It’s a unique and fascinating wildlife spectacle.

Zambia’s national parks offer a diverse range of wildlife and landscapes, making them popular destinations for safaris and nature enthusiasts. The country’s commitment to conservation and protection of its natural heritage has helped maintain these parks as a haven for wildlife and a beautiful place for visitors to experience the African wilderness.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.
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