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Taiwan is home to several national parks that offer stunning natural landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Each national park has its unique features and attractions. Here is a brief description of some of Taiwan’s national parks:

  1. Taroko National Park: Located in the eastern part of Taiwan, Taroko National Park is renowned for its dramatic marble canyons, towering cliffs, and lush forests. The Taroko Gorge is the park’s most famous feature, offering numerous hiking trails, suspension bridges, and scenic viewpoints. Visitors can also explore the cultural heritage of the indigenous Taroko people and visit temples and shrines within the park.
  2. Yushan National Park: Yushan National Park is home to Taiwan’s highest peak, Yushan (also known as Jade Mountain), which rises to 3,952 meters (12,966 feet). The park features a diverse range of ecosystems, from alpine meadows to sub-tropical forests. Hiking enthusiasts can challenge themselves with a hike to the summit, while the park offers various trails for all levels of hikers. The park’s unique flora and fauna are a major attraction for nature lovers.
  3. Shei-Pa National Park: Located in northern Taiwan, Shei-Pa National Park is known for its high mountains and pristine wilderness. The park is named after the main peaks, Xue Mountain (Snow Mountain) and Shei Mountain. It offers extensive hiking opportunities, and the Xue Mountain Main Peak Trail is particularly popular. The park’s diverse landscapes include alpine meadows, forests, and a variety of wildlife.
  4. Kenting National Park: Situated in southern Taiwan, Kenting National Park is known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and lush vegetation. It is a popular destination for beachgoers, water sports enthusiasts, and divers. The park also features hiking trails, caves, and various natural attractions, making it a well-rounded destination for outdoor activities.
  5. Yangmingshan National Park: Yangmingshan National Park is located just north of Taipei and is known for its volcanic landscapes, hot springs, and abundant flora. The park offers numerous hiking trails with scenic views of volcanic craters, hot springs, and seasonal flower blossoms, including cherry blossoms and calla lilies. Visitors can also enjoy relaxing in the park’s hot spring resorts.
  6. Kinmen National Park: Kinmen National Park is located on Kinmen Island, just off the coast of China. The park is known for its rich history, including military fortifications, cultural heritage, and the unique “Quemoy” landscapes formed by granite rock formations. Visitors can explore the historical sites, enjoy the scenic coastal areas, and learn about the island’s unique cultural heritage.

These are just a few of the national parks in Taiwan, each offering a different outdoor experience and showcasing the island’s natural beauty and cultural richness. Visitors to Taiwan have the opportunity to explore a wide range of landscapes and ecosystems, from rugged mountains to coastal vistas.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.
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