DWG Map Sosua Cabarete Dominicana

Sosua and Cabarete are two popular towns located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, and they offer access to several beautiful nature parks and outdoor attractions. Here are descriptions of some of the nature parks and natural attractions you can explore in the vicinity:

  1. El Choco National Park: El Choco National Park is a protected area that encompasses diverse landscapes, including lush tropical forests, caves, and limestone hills. The park is known for its extensive cave systems, making it a great destination for spelunking and exploring underground rivers. There are several hiking trails that allow you to appreciate the park’s unique geological formations and spot local flora and fauna.
  2. 27 Charcos (27 Waterfalls): Located just a short drive from Sosua, the 27 Charcos is a thrilling eco-adventure that involves hiking and jumping into a series of natural pools and waterfalls. You’ll have the opportunity to swim in crystal-clear waters, slide down natural rock slides, and explore the beautiful surroundings. It’s an excellent way to cool off and experience the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.
  3. Laguna Dudu: Laguna Dudu is a freshwater lagoon located near Cabrera, not far from Cabarete. The lagoon is famous for its striking blue color and its two sinkholes, which you can swim in. It’s a fantastic place for a refreshing dip and offers scenic views of the surrounding lush vegetation.
  4. Sosua Beach: While not a nature park, Sosua Beach is a stunning crescent-shaped beach surrounded by lush palm trees. It’s an ideal spot to relax, swim, and snorkel. You can explore the colorful underwater world filled with tropical fish and coral reefs. It’s a natural attraction that provides a great opportunity for water sports and beachside relaxation.
  5. Cabarete Beach: Cabarete is famous for its world-class windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. While not a traditional nature park, the beach offers the chance to experience the thrill of these water sports in a beautiful coastal setting. The constant trade winds and warm waters make Cabarete a haven for water sports enthusiasts.
  6. Yasica River: The Yasica River flows through the region and provides opportunities for river adventures, including kayaking and rafting. The riverbanks are often lined with lush vegetation and offer a glimpse of the Dominican countryside.

These natural attractions in Sosua and Cabarete offer a diverse range of outdoor experiences, from exploring caves to swimming in waterfalls, and from relaxing on picturesque beaches to engaging in exciting water sports. They provide an opportunity to appreciate the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic’s northern coast.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.
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