DWG Map Pskov Russia

Pskov, a city located in the western part of Russia, is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and offers several nature parks and reserves for visitors to explore. Here are some of the notable nature parks and reserves in the Pskov region:

  1. Pskovsko-Pechersky National Park:
    • Pskovsko-Pechersky National Park is one of the largest and most famous natural reserves in the Pskov region. It is known for its diverse ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, and a network of rivers and lakes.
    • The park is home to various wildlife species, including beavers, otters, and a variety of birds.
    • Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and picnicking in the park while taking in the pristine natural beauty.
  2. Sebezhsky National Park:
    • Located in the Sebezh District of the Pskov region, Sebezhsky National Park is a protected area that features numerous lakes, rivers, and lush forests.
    • The park is known for its picturesque landscapes and provides opportunities for birdwatching, hiking, and camping.
    • Lake Sebezh is one of the highlights of the park, offering great opportunities for swimming and boating during the summer months.
  3. Izborsk State Historical-Architectural and Natural Museum-Reserve:
    • Izborsk is a historic town located near Pskov, and it is home to a museum-reserve that includes not only historical and architectural sites but also beautiful natural areas.
    • The reserve features several lakes, including Lake Gorodishche and Lake Kryvskoe, which are popular spots for fishing and relaxation.
    • In addition to the natural beauty, the Izborsk Reserve also houses historical sites like the Izborsk Fortress and various medieval churches.
  4. Pushkinskiye Gory National Park:
    • While not directly in Pskov, Pushkinskiye Gory National Park is relatively nearby, and it holds historical and natural significance.
    • The park is associated with the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and is known for its serene countryside landscapes, with rolling hills, forests, and tranquil streams.
    • Visitors can explore the park’s many walking trails and visit the Pushkin Museum, which is dedicated to the life and works of the poet.

These nature parks and reserves in and around Pskov offer a wide range of outdoor activities and a chance to experience the natural beauty of the region. Whether you’re interested in hiking, wildlife observation, or simply relaxing in a pristine environment, Pskov’s nature parks have something to offer every nature enthusiast.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

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