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Buryatia, a federal subject of Russia located in Siberia, is home to several national parks and protected areas that showcase the region’s stunning natural beauty and biodiversity. Here are descriptions of some of the notable national parks in Buryatia:

  1. Baikal-Lena Nature Reserve:
    • Located in the southwestern part of Buryatia, this nature reserve covers an area of approximately 660,000 hectares.
    • It is named after the two major Siberian rivers, the Lena River and Lake Baikal, which define its boundaries.
    • The park is known for its pristine landscapes, featuring vast forests, rugged mountains, and numerous rivers and lakes.
    • It is a critical area for the preservation of Siberian wildlife, including the endangered Siberian tiger, brown bear, moose, and various bird species.
  2. Dzherginsky Nature Reserve:
    • Situated in the Barguzin Valley of Buryatia, this reserve covers over 57,000 hectares.
    • It is characterized by its diverse and unique ecosystems, which include taiga forests, wetlands, and mountainous terrain.
    • The Barguzin Valley is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Siberian ibex, sable, and various bird species.
    • The reserve also focuses on scientific research and environmental education.
  3. Transbaikal National Park:
    • Located in the Transbaikal region of Buryatia, this national park encompasses over 1.6 million hectares.
    • The park features a wide range of natural landscapes, including vast steppe expanses, dense forests, and the picturesque Chikoy and Onon River valleys.
    • It is home to diverse wildlife, such as the Amur tiger, lynx, musk deer, and several bird species.
    • The park aims to protect the unique ecosystems of the Transbaikal region and promote ecological tourism.
  4. Pribaikalsky National Park:
    • While primarily situated in the neighboring Irkutsk Oblast, this national park also extends into Buryatia, covering an area of approximately 500,000 hectares.
    • It is located along the western shore of Lake Baikal, offering breathtaking views of the world’s deepest freshwater lake.
    • Pribaikalsky National Park protects the taiga forests, rare plants, and diverse wildlife of the Baikal region.
    • Visitors can enjoy hiking, wildlife observation, and ecotourism activities while exploring this picturesque area.

These national parks in Buryatia are not only vital for the conservation of the region’s unique ecosystems and wildlife but also offer opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of Siberia. Please note that the specific details and conditions in these parks may change over time, so it’s advisable to check for updated information and regulations before planning a visit.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

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