DWG Map Bagram Air Force Base Afghanistan

Bagram Air Force Base, located in Afghanistan, is primarily a military installation rather than a center for urban development. It was one of the largest U.S. military bases in Afghanistan and played a significant role during the U.S.-led military operations in the country. The U.S. military withdrew from the base in 2021, marking the end of their presence in Afghanistan.

Here are some key points about Bagram Air Force Base and its development:

  1. Location: Bagram Air Force Base is situated in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan, approximately 40 miles north of the capital city, Kabul.
  2. Military Operations: Bagram Air Base served as a vital hub for U.S. military and NATO operations in Afghanistan. It played a key role in logistics, intelligence, and air support during the conflict.
  3. Facilities: The base had a wide range of facilities, including airstrips, housing for military personnel, medical facilities, a prison (notably the Bagram Theater Internment Facility), and various amenities for troops.
  4. Security: Security was a major concern at Bagram due to its strategic importance. The base was heavily fortified, with various security measures in place.
  5. Local Impact: While the primary purpose of the base was military, it did have an impact on the local economy. Some Afghans worked on the base, and there were businesses around the base that catered to the needs of the international military personnel.
  6. Development After U.S. Withdrawal: Since the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, the future of Bagram Air Force Base is uncertain. It is possible that the Afghan government or other entities may consider alternative uses or development plans for the facility. However, this would depend on the broader political and security situation in the region.
Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

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