Dnipro Ukraine City Vector Map

Dnipro, formerly known as Dnipropetrovsk, is one of the major cities in Ukraine, located in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. It has a well-developed road infrastructure with several principal streets and avenues. Please note that street names may change over time, so it’s a good idea to consult a current map or local resources for the most up-to-date information. Here are some of the principal streets and avenues in Dnipro:

  1. Karla Marksa Avenue (проспект Карла Маркса): This is one of the central and most important streets in Dnipro. It’s known for its shops, cafes, and the beautiful views of the Dnipro River.
  2. Naberezhna Pobedy (Проспект Перемоги): This avenue runs along the Dnipro River and offers scenic views. It’s a popular place for a leisurely walk and has various recreational spots.
  3. Dmytra Yavornitskoho Avenue (проспект Дмитра Яворницького): This avenue is named after a famous Ukrainian writer and is home to many cultural and historical landmarks, as well as shops and restaurants.
  4. Karla Libknekhta Street (вулиця Карла Лібкнехта): This street runs through the city center and is known for its commercial and retail activity.
  5. Dniprovska Naberezhna (Дніпровська набережна): This is the embankment road along the Dnipro River and provides beautiful river views. It’s a popular place for jogging, cycling, and strolling.
  6. Hlinky Street (вулиця Глинки): Located in the central part of the city, this street is known for its historical and architectural significance.
  7. Zaporizka Street (вулиця Запорізька): It’s a major street in the city, hosting various businesses and residential areas.
  8. Naberezhna Lenina (Набережна Леніна): This street also runs along the river, offering picturesque views and various recreational opportunities.
  9. Pravdy Avenue (проспект Правди): This avenue is home to a mix of businesses and residential areas and provides access to different parts of the city.
  10. Sholom Aleichem Street (вулиця Шолом-Алейхема): This street is named after the famous Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem and has a significant Jewish heritage.

These are some of the principal streets and avenues in Dnipro, and the city has a well-structured road network connecting various parts of the city.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

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