Des Moines Iowa US Map

Des Moines, Iowa, has a well-planned street grid system that is easy to navigate. The city is divided into four quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest, with the State Capitol building at the center. Here are some principal streets and descriptions in each quadrant:

Northeast Quadrant:

  1. East Grand Avenue: This is a major thoroughfare running east to west. It connects downtown Des Moines to the eastern suburbs and is home to many businesses, restaurants, and cultural institutions.
  2. Euclid Avenue: Euclid Avenue runs east-west and is known for its historic homes and tree-lined streets. It’s a scenic route through residential neighborhoods.
  3. Hubbell Avenue: This street stretches from the city’s northeast to the southeast and is a commercial and retail corridor with various shopping options.

Northwest Quadrant:

  1. Ingersoll Avenue: Ingersoll is a popular street in the city, featuring a mix of historic and modern architecture, shops, restaurants, and bars. It’s known for its vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Beaver Avenue: Beaver Avenue is a north-south route that runs through residential neighborhoods in the northwest quadrant.
  3. Merle Hay Road: This major road in the northwest quadrant is home to Merle Hay Mall, one of the city’s shopping destinations.

Southeast Quadrant:

  1. Fleur Drive: Fleur Drive is an important arterial road that runs along the Des Moines River. It provides access to the airport and the Water Works Park, offering scenic views and recreational opportunities.
  2. Indianola Avenue: Indianola Avenue extends south from downtown Des Moines, passing through neighborhoods and offering access to several parks.

Southwest Quadrant:

  1. SW 9th Street: Running north-south, SW 9th Street is home to a variety of businesses, including restaurants, shops, and services. It’s a vital corridor in the southwest quadrant.
  2. Mills Civic Parkway: Located in the western part of the city, this road connects to West Des Moines and Jordan Creek Town Center, a major shopping and entertainment complex.
  3. Army Post Road: Army Post Road stretches across the southwest quadrant, featuring a mix of residential areas, commercial establishments, and services.

Keep in mind that Des Moines has many more streets and avenues, but these are some of the principal ones that provide access to various neighborhoods and attractions throughout the city. Des Moines’ street grid is generally easy to navigate, with numbered streets running north-south and lettered streets running east-west.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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