CorelDraw Map Yerevan Armenia

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is divided into 12 administrative districts, each of which consists of various neighborhoods and communities. Here is a brief description of some of these districts and their notable neighborhoods:

  1. Kentron (Center):
    • Kentron is the heart of Yerevan and the city’s central district. It is home to Republic Square, the National Museum, and many government buildings.
    • The neighborhood of Abovyan Street is known for its lively atmosphere, cafes, shops, and cultural attractions.
  2. Ajapnyak:
    • Ajapnyak is a residential district located in the western part of Yerevan.
    • It includes neighborhoods like Nor Zeytun and Nubarashen, which have a mix of residential areas, parks, and educational institutions.
  3. Avan:
    • Avan is situated in the northern part of the city and is known for its residential communities and green spaces.
    • Notable neighborhoods in Avan include Avan-Arinj and Avan-Arindale.
  4. Nor Nork:
    • Nor Nork is an eastern district with a combination of residential and industrial areas.
    • Some neighborhoods in Nor Nork include Nubarashen and Shengavit.
  5. Malatia-Sebastia:
    • This district is located in the southeastern part of Yerevan and is characterized by its mix of residential and industrial zones.
    • It includes neighborhoods like Malatia and Gai.
  6. Shengavit:
    • Shengavit is in the southern part of the city and is one of the historic districts of Yerevan.
    • The Shengavit Historical and Archaeological Culture Preserve is located here, showcasing ancient artifacts.
  7. Erebuni:
    • Erebuni is home to the Erebuni Fortress, which is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Yerevan.
    • The district includes neighborhoods like Kanaker-Zeytun and Erebuni.
  8. Nork-Marash:
    • Located in the southeastern part of Yerevan, Nork-Marash features a mix of residential areas and recreational spaces.
    • The district includes neighborhoods like Nork and Marash.
  9. Nubarashen:
    • Nubarashen is known for its industrial zones and residential communities.
    • It is located in the western part of Yerevan.
  10. Kanaker-Zeytun:
    • This district is situated in the northeastern part of the city and offers a combination of residential neighborhoods and green areas.
    • Notable neighborhoods include Kanaker and Zeytun.
  11. Arabkir:
    • Arabkir is located in the western part of Yerevan and is characterized by its residential areas and educational institutions.
    • It includes neighborhoods like Arabkir and Davitashen.
  12. Davtashen:
    • Davtashen is in the northwestern part of the city and is known for its residential neighborhoods and parks.
    • Notable neighborhoods include Davtashen and Noragavit.

These districts and neighborhoods in Yerevan offer a diverse range of living experiences, from the bustling city center to quieter residential areas, each with its unique charm and amenities.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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