CorelDraw Map Tauranga New Zealand

Tauranga is a beautiful city located on the eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It is known for its stunning beaches, pleasant climate, and vibrant lifestyle. The city is divided into several districts and neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the main districts and neighborhoods in Tauranga:

  1. Tauranga City Center: This is the heart of Tauranga and the central business district. You’ll find a mix of shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and cultural attractions like the Tauranga Art Gallery. The waterfront area is a popular spot for leisurely strolls, and it’s where you can find events and festivals throughout the year.
  2. Mount Maunganui: Often simply referred to as “The Mount,” this is one of the most popular and iconic suburbs in Tauranga. It’s famous for its beautiful white-sand beach, great surf, and the distinctive Mount Maunganui, an extinct volcanic cone. The area offers a beach-town vibe with a wide range of dining options, boutiques, and outdoor activities.
  3. Papamoa: Located just east of Mount Maunganui, Papamoa is known for its long sandy beach and relaxed lifestyle. It’s a rapidly growing area with a mix of residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and schools. Papamoa is popular with families and offers a more suburban feel compared to the city center.
  4. Bethlehem: Bethlehem is a peaceful and well-established suburb of Tauranga. It’s known for its quality housing and great schools. The area offers a mix of shopping options, parks, and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s a popular choice for families and retirees.
  5. Greerton: This is one of Tauranga’s older suburbs, known for its friendly community and village-like atmosphere. You’ll find a range of shops, cafes, and services in Greerton, making it a convenient place to live.
  6. Welcome Bay: Situated to the west of Tauranga, Welcome Bay is a residential area with a more suburban feel. It offers a mix of housing options and is known for its scenic views of Tauranga Harbour. It’s a quieter area, popular with families and those looking for a relaxed lifestyle.
  7. Pyes Pa: Pyes Pa is an up-and-coming suburb with new housing developments and amenities. It’s a great choice for those seeking modern housing and easy access to Tauranga’s amenities.
  8. Tauriko: This suburb is known for its industrial and commercial areas but also offers residential developments. It’s a convenient location for those working in these industries.

These are just a few of the districts and neighborhoods in Tauranga, each offering a different lifestyle and atmosphere. Tauranga is a diverse city with a strong sense of community and a range of housing options, making it an attractive place to live for a wide variety of people.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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