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Moscow, the capital of Russia, is a vast and diverse metropolis, divided into numerous administrative districts and neighborhoods. Here are descriptions of some of the major districts and neighborhoods in Moscow:

  1. Central Moscow (Tsentralny Okrug):
    • Tverskoy District: Located in the heart of the city, this district is home to many historical and cultural landmarks, including Red Square, the Kremlin, and the Bolshoi Theatre.
    • Arbat: Known for its charming, pedestrian-friendly street called Old Arbat, lined with shops, restaurants, and street performers.
  2. Western Moscow:
    • Khamovniki: A quiet, upscale residential area with beautiful parks, including Gorky Park. It’s a popular area for expats and features excellent dining options.
    • Dorogomilovo: Home to the iconic Moscow City skyscrapers, this district is a mix of modern business centers and residential areas.
  3. Northern Moscow:
    • Presnensky District: A business district with many modern high-rises and the famous Moscow Zoo. It’s also home to the Moscow World Trade Center.
    • Sokolniki: A leafy neighborhood known for Sokolniki Park, one of Moscow’s largest and oldest parks, with numerous recreational activities.
  4. Eastern Moscow:
    • Krasnoselsky District: Features a mix of residential and industrial areas and is home to Leningradsky Railway Station.
    • Izmaylovo: Known for Izmaylovsky Park and the colorful Izmaylovo Market, which is a great place to shop for traditional Russian souvenirs.
  5. Southern Moscow:
    • Danilovsky District: A trendy area with the popular Danilovsky Market and a growing number of cafes and restaurants.
    • Yuzhnoye Butovo: A modern residential district with parks and shopping centers, a bit further from the city center.
  6. Southwestern Moscow:
    • Gagarinsky District: Home to Gorky Park, this district is known for its green spaces and cultural attractions.
    • Kuntsevo: A mixture of residential and commercial areas with several historic sites, including the Kuntsevo Estate.
  7. Northern Suburbs:
    • Khoroshevo-Mnevniki: A residential area with parks and shopping centers, popular among families.
    • Butyrsky District: Known for its industrial and residential areas, it is one of the older districts of Moscow.
  8. Southwestern Suburbs:
    • Leninsky District: This district has a mix of residential areas and universities, making it a vibrant and youthful part of the city.
    • Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug: This large district covers a significant portion of the city’s southwestern suburbs and includes both urban and more rural areas.

Keep in mind that Moscow is a vast city with many more districts and neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. The city is well-connected by an extensive public transportation system, including the Moscow Metro, making it relatively easy to explore different parts of the city.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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