CorelDraw Map Montpellier France

Montpellier is a vibrant city located in the south of France, in the Occitanie region. It is known for its beautiful Mediterranean climate, historic architecture, and a lively cultural scene. The city is divided into various districts and neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. Here is an overview of some of the main districts and neighborhoods in Montpellier:

  1. Historic Centre (Écusson):
    • This is the heart of Montpellier and the historic center of the city.
    • It’s characterized by narrow, winding streets, medieval architecture, and beautiful squares.
    • The Place de la Comédie is a central square with a grand opera house and is a popular meeting point.
    • Here, you’ll find shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a bustling area day and night.
  2. Antigone:
    • Antigone is a modern district in Montpellier, known for its neoclassical architecture.
    • It’s a planned urban development with wide boulevards, fountains, and gardens.
    • This area is popular for its peaceful atmosphere and proximity to the Lez River.
  3. Port Marianne:
    • Located along the banks of the Lez River, Port Marianne is a contemporary and dynamic neighborhood.
    • It’s a mixed residential and commercial area, with modern apartment buildings and offices.
    • The Bassin Jacques Coeur is a picturesque artificial lake that is a focal point of the district.
  4. Comédie:
    • This district is centered around the Place de la Comédie and is a bustling area with theaters, restaurants, and shops.
    • The district is named after the iconic Opéra Comédie.
    • It’s a hub for public transportation and a great starting point for exploring the city.
  5. Les Arceaux:
    • Located to the northwest of the city center, Les Arceaux is known for its lively street market and historic arches (arceaux) that support the aqueduct.
    • It’s a charming area with a more local, residential feel.
  6. Figuerolles:
    • This neighborhood is known for its vibrant arts scene and is home to many artists and creative individuals.
    • It has a bohemian atmosphere and is characterized by its colorful houses and street art.
  7. Celleneuve:
    • Located in the western part of Montpellier, Celleneuve is a quieter residential area with a mix of apartments and houses.
    • It’s home to a number of educational institutions, including the University of Montpellier.
  8. La Mosson:
    • La Mosson is in the southern part of Montpellier and is known for its sports facilities, including the Stade de la Mosson, where the Montpellier HSC soccer team plays.
  9. Aiguelongue:
    • This neighborhood is located to the northeast of the city center and is primarily residential.
    • It’s known for its green spaces and parks.

These are just a few of the districts and neighborhoods in Montpellier. Each has its own unique charm and character, and the city as a whole offers a diverse range of experiences, from historic charm to modern living and cultural vibrancy.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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