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Kemerovo is a city in southwestern Russia, located in the Kemerovo Oblast. The city is an important industrial and cultural center in Siberia. Kemerovo is divided into several districts and neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics and attractions.  Here are some of the main districts and neighborhoods in Kemerovo:

  1. Leninsky District:
    • This district is located in the city center and is one of the oldest parts of Kemerovo.
    • It’s home to historical buildings, parks, and cultural institutions.
    • You can find Lenin Square, which often hosts events and gatherings.
    • Leninsky Prospekt is a major street in this district, with shops and restaurants.
  2. Kirovsky District:
    • Located to the northeast of the city center.
    • This district is known for its residential areas and green spaces.
    • The Kemerovo Zoo is a popular attraction in this district, offering a variety of animals and exhibits.
    • The Kemerovo Regional Drama Theater and Kemerovo Regional Philharmonic Hall are also located here.
  3. Promyshlenny District:
    • This district is characterized by its industrial areas and factories.
    • It’s an important economic hub for the city.
    • You’ll find a mix of residential and commercial areas, including shopping centers and markets.
  4. Central City District:
    • This district is home to the heart of Kemerovo’s administrative and business activities.
    • It includes government buildings, banks, and corporate offices.
    • The Kemerovo State University and Kemerovo State Medical University are located in this area.
    • There are also numerous restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options.
  5. Ordzhonikidzevsky District:
    • Located to the south of the city center.
    • This district offers a mix of residential and commercial areas.
    • The Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts is situated in this district.
    • The Kemerovo Regional Puppet Theater is a popular cultural venue.
  6. Railway District:
    • As the name suggests, this district is closely linked to the railway infrastructure of the city.
    • It’s home to the Kemerovo Railway Station, which is an important transportation hub.
    • You’ll also find various services and amenities for travelers in this district.
  7. Microdistricts and Residential Areas:
    • Kemerovo has several microdistricts and residential areas, each with its own character.
    • These areas include both modern apartment complexes and older housing developments.
    • Some residential areas are quieter and family-oriented, while others are more bustling and commercial.

Kemerovo, like many Russian cities, has a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas, making it a diverse and dynamic place to live and visit. The city also boasts cultural attractions, parks, and educational institutions, making it a significant center for the Kemerovo Oblast region.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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