CorelDraw Map Jalal Abad Afghanistan

Jalalabad is a city in eastern Afghanistan, and it serves as the capital of Nangarhar Province. The city is situated along the Kabul River and is an important economic and cultural center in the region. Jalalabad is known for its rich history, diverse population, and various districts and neighborhoods.

Here are some descriptions of districts and neighborhoods in Jalalabad:

  1. Nahar-e Shahi District: This district is located to the north of the city center. It is known for its agricultural activities and is home to various farms and orchards. The area is characterized by lush greenery and is an essential source of agricultural products for the region.
  2. Surkh Rod District: Situated to the east of Jalalabad, Surkh Rod is known for its beautiful landscapes and mountains. It’s a relatively rural area with a mix of Pashtun and other ethnic communities. The district also has historical and archaeological significance, including ancient Buddhist relics.
  3. Rushdi Mena: This is a prominent neighborhood in Jalalabad, known for its markets, shops, and businesses. It’s a bustling commercial area where you can find a variety of goods, from clothing to electronics. Rushdi Mena is an important economic hub within the city.
  4. Qasaba Neighborhood: Qasaba is one of the older neighborhoods in Jalalabad, with a more traditional Afghan atmosphere. It features narrow streets, historic buildings, and bazaars where you can explore local crafts and markets.
  5. Sultanpur Neighborhood: Sultanpur is another well-known neighborhood, especially for its educational institutions and universities. It’s home to Nangarhar University and other schools, making it a significant educational and intellectual hub in the city.
  6. Behsud District: Located to the southwest of Jalalabad, Behsud is an ethnically diverse district. It’s known for its agricultural activities and is home to both Pashtun and non-Pashtun communities.
  7. Kamdesh District: To the northwest of Jalalabad, Kamdesh is a district with a mix of rural and semi-urban areas. It’s known for its scenic beauty and proximity to the mountains.

Jalalabad and its surroundings have experienced significant changes and challenges in the years following my last knowledge update, particularly with regard to security and political stability. Due to the evolving situation in Afghanistan, it’s crucial to consult the latest and most reliable sources for current information about the city and its districts and neighborhoods.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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