CorelDraw Map Chelyabinsk Russia

Chelyabinsk is a major city located in the Chelyabinsk Oblast region of Russia. It is one of the largest industrial and cultural centers in the Ural Mountains region. Chelyabinsk is divided into several administrative districts and neighborhoods.

  1. Central District (Tsentralny Rayon):
    • The Central District is the heart of Chelyabinsk and is home to the city’s administrative and cultural institutions.
    • It features the central square, Revolution Square, which is surrounded by historical buildings and serves as a focal point for events and celebrations.
    • The district also boasts a range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  2. Sovetsky District (Sovetsky Rayon):
    • Sovetsky District is a residential area in the eastern part of the city.
    • It includes various housing options, from apartment complexes to private houses.
    • The district has several parks and green spaces, making it a relatively quiet and family-friendly area.
  3. Traktorozavodsky District (Traktorozavodsky Rayon):
    • This district is known for its industrial heritage, with many factories and plants located here.
    • The Traktor Ice Arena is one of the notable landmarks in this district.
    • It’s primarily a working-class area.
  4. Kalininsky District (Kalininsky Rayon):
    • Kalininsky District is situated to the north of the city center.
    • It includes a mix of residential areas, educational institutions, and shopping centers.
    • There are several parks and recreational facilities in this district.
  5. Kurchatovsky District (Kurchatovsky Rayon):
    • Kurchatovsky District is located in the southern part of Chelyabinsk.
    • It’s known for its diverse residential areas and a blend of different communities.
    • The district has various cultural and recreational facilities, such as theaters and sports complexes.
  6. Metallurgichesky District (Metallurgichesky Rayon):
    • This district is in the northeastern part of the city and is named after its association with the metallurgical industry.
    • It features a mix of industrial and residential areas.
    • The district is home to the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, one of the city’s major industrial facilities.
  7. Kalininskiy District (Kalininskiy Rayon):
    • Kalininskiy District is a more modern and rapidly developing part of Chelyabinsk.
    • It includes new residential complexes and shopping centers, making it an area with a more contemporary feel.
  8. Dzerzhinsky District (Dzerzhinsky Rayon):
    • Dzerzhinsky District is situated to the west of the city center.
    • It’s known for its diverse neighborhoods and a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
  9. Sosnovka District (Sosnovka Rayon):
    • Sosnovka District is located in the southeastern part of Chelyabinsk.
    • It’s a primarily residential area with green spaces and parks.

Each of these districts has its unique characteristics and atmosphere, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the city’s residents. Chelyabinsk is a vibrant city with a rich history and a strong industrial presence, and it offers a variety of amenities and cultural opportunities for its residents.

Author: Kirill Shrayber, Ph.D.

I have been working with vector cartography for over 25 years, including GPS, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and other professional cartographic software.

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