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I’m trying to create a fantasy world for my own story, but I ran into some trouble when I was drawing maps. Is there any software I could use to create easily customizable maps that look nice? If not, what would be the best way to create a map? Maps are normally done by feeding GIS (Geographic Information System) data into a Bézier vector editor such as Adobe Illustrator (Macromedia Freehand, when it was current was the most frequent choice). Billy had some good ideas. I’ve had the idea in the past to use butcher’s paper to draw larger regions, and segments of A4 for smaller detailed areas. I’ve now grown into Unreal Engine 4, because I can add extreme detail, but also easily create massed regions of basic landscape then add a splash of landmarks later. The size can keep going up with no end, and eventually, I can make the world into an interactive experience, possibly a game at some point. First of all is the traditional Photoshop, its good for pretty much anything. Of course its primary function is still photo editing, but with proper useage you can make a map without too much fuss. The alternative, is Campaign cartographer. Software desisgned with the creation of fantasy world maps in mind, and a lovely piece of software. The Koran says that outside the Earth atmosphere, there is absolutely no light. The astronauts find themselves in a complete darkness. Can Quoran astronauts explain this phenomenon? 3) Darkness is a subjectively defined thing. Relative levels of electromagnetic flux vary from place to place throughout the universe. Dark to our eyes is when the Earth faces away from the sun, but this is still bright compared to deep space. And that’s only in the visible. If you are being robbed (meaning someone is unlawfully using force or the threat of force to take something from you), your best option is to determine if the property in question is worth the risk of your life. Source.

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