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Related Resources: Free Vector World Maps Free Logos by (really free) Biz-Logo (Logos for Sale) More Sites in our Network: Chair Shopping Site Lamps and Lighting Shop The Web Design Dictionary You can find just about anything in vector format these days. Unfortunately, most of it is or ‘auto-traced’ or simply crappy. does it differently. This web site is a spin-off of a real-word graphic design studio called Graphics Factory CC. The vector art here were created in-house, by paid, professional designers – to the same high standards as the stuff we produce for our clients. Our intention is to give a ton of these fine vectors to you for free. Click the big, fat ‘START’ button to see what’s available for $0. Some of them (usually the ones that took us the longest to draw) are available for a couple of dollars. Many new templates including sports, decorative elements, splats, people, and Superman fan art are all currently being compiled and will be uploaded soon. Logically, if we have a horde of vector images, we can also offer those in raster format. In fact there are about as many raster format images on as there are vector templates. Our raster images range from low-res stuff fit for web design to really large, highly detailed raster images fit for use in professional design and in printing. And, for the time being, it really is free. As the database of vectors grows we will probably start selling some or all of them, but until then you get professional, free vector templates. Enjoy. At this stage we do not accept vector stock submissions from the public. All the vector templates currently on the site are spin-offs from actual designs or specifically created for VectorTemplates by the team at Graphics Factory CC. © COPYRIGHT 1997-2016, The vector templates and vector images displayed on and sold from are the exclusive property of or their respective copyright holders. Unauthorized copying and/or redistribution is prohibited. Purchased templates may not be resold or redistributed in any form. Please see the Terms of Use information published at the top of each of our templates. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Source.

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