Way back in March I posted a delightful little .eps file that included some vector mountains that I had been using for my reconstruction of the Yavmir map. Today, I present to you another useful tool for prospective map-makers: an .eps file that includes some tree vectors for use in map projects. I just finalized these designs yesterday, and you can see a quick forest that I plotted out in the image below. My wife commented that these trees look like they are “on fire,” so I have taken to calling them fireball trees. They match the minimalist design of the mountains, utilizing a small grayscale palette to create a simple, hand-painted style. There are four unique trees in total, arranged in a little over a dozen easy-to-use groupings. Just layer them from back-to-front on your map and you’re good to go! Many thanks to Telecanter for isolating the trees and posting them on his blog. He nabbed the original artwork from a public domain map from the 1600s, so like every other map resource I post on the blog, you can use these trees 100% free of charge. As I mentioned last month on the blog, I’ve been investing some time into reconstructing the venerable Yavmir map that Matt and. I’m not much in the ways of “drawing things,” so a great deal of the work has been designing vectors that let me construct maps using Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s been a fun (big) little project, and I just finished a milestone by completing all the mountain ranges. The map looks a little weird without rivers or trees, but I’ve very happy with how the basic shapes of the mountain ranges turned out. I’m going to work on refining some of the coastline next, then I’ll be putting together some forest and waterway vectors. It should be fun! On a semi-related note, I highly recommend that you all check out this Tumblr that focuses on great drawn maps through history. It is a great way to get inspired to work on your own mapping projects! A great deal of my downtime lately has been dedicated to map-making. Nothing too complicated or mind-blowing: I’ve basically just been tinkering away at an overhaul of the original Yavmir map I posted last year. In an effort to simplify the entire map-making experience, I decided it was time make a set of vector mountains that I could use to piece together ranges. I’m not much of an artist, so I based the designs of some sketches done by the very talented StarRaven on DeviantArt. You can seem some of the fruits of that labour below. I’m a big fan of open source everything, so I am posting the mountain vectors I created for everyone to use. They are in .eps format – very useful for Illustrator and Photoshop – and include a filled layer and an outline layer. The filled mountains are incredibly useful for quick map-making, as they stack on top of one another with ease. The outlined versions offer a bit more flexibility with shading, although are a bit clunky when dealing with layers. I hope that some of you will find these vectors tool as useful as I did! I’ll probably be whipping up some vector forests later this year, and I will be sure to post those on the blog when they’re done. Source.

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