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A code sprint in which bugs and feature requests will be fixed that are supposed to take only 10 minutes to the involved developer (in a perfect world). The sprint will cover Saturday and Sunday the 14th and 15th of March 2009. As usual for uDig sprints if not defined else, it will take place in all-around-the-world IRC sessions, with Sydney giving the good start push. :) A first result we gained can be seen in the list of components, which has passed from users unreadable format of more than 30 categories to a more content based set of 14 categories. The aim is to isolate a list of bugs with that only caracteristic: it should be solvable in more or less 10 minutes. Those bugs are going to be marked with fix version UDIG 1.2.M3 and will be available to the developers during the code sprint at this link. The aim is that to make it easier for users to report bugs and assigning them to a category. The above linked page shows the list of categories and a funny description through which Jody helps us to decide. We are incurring in many bugs of which we are not sure if they are still bugs. So this time testers will be even more important, in order to go through the bugs list and help to decide if the issue is still a bug or if it can be closed. So please testers, come and help! Also, a roadmap wiki page has been setup (still in progress) to keep under control the bugs list and their evolution. Please add yourself here in order to know on who we can count on. Any time and any time interval will be of help to the community, so jump by even if you have just a couple of hours! Source. Here you can find a full bse of Vector Maps of England in Adobe Illustrator.”

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