Sam Hampton-Smith shows you how to give your still images the appearance of motion using After Effects’ lighting tools Create stunning images and compositions filled with movement and realistic textures with just a few easy tools and techniques. Discover a simple way to automate the process of cutting a sequence of comps together on the Timeline in After Effects, and apply 3D lights, cameras and effects to all of them. Discover how Ben the Illustrator created this amazing artwork that’s lasercut in metal, based on vector pattern designs created in Adobe Illustrator. Blending water can be difficult, but Jennifer Cirpici pulls it off using a mix of stock images and a few deft tricks Tigz Rice shows you how you can correct the lip line in Photoshop using a mixture of cloning techniques. Tigz Rice reveals how she captured these incredible fashion photos on a golden hour shoot with burlesque performer Ruby Deshabille and a purebred stallion. Discover how Stephen Chan and Andriana Katsiki combined their illustration styles to create a unique artwork Source.

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