To create the map of where we live/work/study/play, we will use a vector graphics program. These programs differ from raster graphics programs (such as Photoshop, which we used for the scanned portrait) because: The main benefit of using a vector program for our map is that viewers will be able to zoom in smoothly from a planetary view to a county level view. For a diagrammatic picture like a map, vector files are also generally smaller in size. Of the three widely used vector programs (Illustrator, FreeHand, Corel Draw), we will use Macromedia FreeHand because its files can be compressed and embedded in web pages through the Shockwave technology. In this initial step, our main concern will be proper organization of the document and use of the selection and transformation tools. We will: Source. Here you can find a full bse of Vector Maps of England in Adobe Illustrator.”

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