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What we see on the monitor is the combination of dots of color, and image is made up of pixels which refer to dots per inch resulting altogether a whole image. Anyone can store his image in any format whatever he wishes for. And, Raster format image stores different colored dots oppositely Vector format image stores shapes changeable to bitmap. Raster format image is with higher resolution maintaining a higher level of details, so when someone is doing a logo or graphic like enlarging job the image becomes heavier and harder to handle, again on the other hand as low resolution image is enlarges the quality of the image deteriorates. On the other hand, vector format image records instruction to be displayed on the monitor, this format of image can be scaled up and down or both without losing quality also can be converted back to raster format. Vector format image is suitable for brochure, manual, logo and artwork, flash animation in Macromedia Freehand, 3D Design in Auto CAD (Computer Aided Drawing), mechanical, civil engineering, and architectural 2D & 3D vector drawings, old photographs, maps, illustrations, patches, painting, badges, and cartoons. with excels at client’s desired time. We provide ready to use image in any format at whatever size the client asked for without deterioration of quality. Because of size vector image is ideal for on website, 3D rendering, manuals, brochures, newspapers and CAD design. We accept scanned documents, hard to read on screen very old texts and artworks. requires manually replace every bitmap in the image, which is mammoth job to be done for a non professional. Our in house professional graphic designers use the to maintain the quality. We provide the output in any requested format without the deterioration of quality. Since our production house situated in Bangladesh, we got the privilege timeline difference from US and Europe, so we can provide the at clients convenient time. Our offer is clear is clear, on time I consult clipping path house to all my firend who are looking for any kind of image editing service. The rates of services are very affordable and the quality of work is very impresive. I found all of the staff to be very expert & friendly. Source.

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