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Esri has released the November 2015 update for ArcGIS Online features, which includes new options for visualizing your data, enhancements to administering your organization, and improvements to the design of the website. that illuminate multiple attributes in your data. These new styles help you make your maps more attractive, and smarter. These new styles help you by doing the calculations you need behind the scenes so you can focus on what map you want to make. as a layer in a web map. A vector tile layer references a set of web-accessible vector tiles and the corresponding style for how those layers should be drawn. Vector tiles are similar to image tiles, but they store a vector representation of the data. Client-side drawing of vector tiles allows for vector tile layers to be customized for the purpose of the map and drives dynamic, interactive cartography. Administrators now have an additional tool for assigning a flexible allocation of credits to some or all organization members that have access to services that use credits. Within this new , Esri-defined Administrators can manage credit expenditures by members by allocating credits to them based on their needs. This new feature can be used to manage expenditure on the most common services that individuals directly consume, including batch geocoding, network analysis, geoenrichment, demographics, and tile generation. Get additional levels of detail in the tiling scheme to support larger scale data in or on the basemap for World Imagery, World Street Map, and World Topographic Map. Find updates to reference layers with recent data for North America. Access demographic maps with current data for more than 20 countries, including Canada. Source.

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