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Using PSE 13, I sometimes get a white background after transforming (rotating or resizing) a linked Smart Object in a PSD I have been working on for awhile. Prior to transforming the background was … I’m trying to warp a treebark texture following the grey guidelines as seen below: But when I try to move each warp ‘line’ into position, it effects all the other warp lines, making it impossible … I am trying to transform a rectangular shape to a trapezium as shown in the image below. In the Inkscape transform menu, there is an option to use a 2×3 matrix. However, that does not allow ‘3d’ … I have applied a warp to an image I am making and it has made the lines look very jagged. Is there any trick I can do to make these lines look smooth? I’m making some shapes in Flash and I would like to transform them in a wave-like way. Kinda like Photoshop’s Filter -&gt, Distort -&gt, Twirl or Wave. The shapes are quite complex so draggin edges by hand … For some reason and for many years there’s a limit for font size in Illustrator. It is 1296 points max, so you can’t go bigger without converting type to outlines first. Converting to outlines means … I have a smart object in Photoshop CC which has been carefully distorted using Photoshop’s ‘Transform → Distort’ function. Photoshop presumably manages a transformation matrix for this layer, and I’m … If I select an area to transform, in the edit menu it says transform path instead of just transform. I’m not in quick mask mode, but if I change to quick mask, the menu reverts to simply transform. … When I use the ‘Start Angle’ tool to cut a circle, Illustrator draws the radius lines to the centre. I just want a space cut from the circle, without leaving a ‘Pacman’ Shape. Cartoon filter doesn’t make it. Desired effect examples: Image 1 source: Image 2 source: Can you describe … Is there a way to make specific settings stick? Example: I place a graphic in Photoshop Set a left/center reference point Select Maintain Aspect Ratio Scale object and commit changes After looking … I’m an Illustrator rookie and having problems. Whenever I rotate or transform the object, the whole bounding box fills. See examples below. Rotating, perspective distort, etc all seem to have the same … I’m trying to skew square grouped art onto a ‘cube’ shape (a hexagon). I can get the two sides, but the top ‘diamond’ is hard to do because, when I rotate the square image to match the front edge of … I’m designing a nonwoven fabric (the panels size will be 69’x92′). The repeat tile measures 21’x21′ and I need to repeat mini squares that measure 1/32′ each. Above the layers containing these mini … How can I find out what other websites are hosted from my website IP address and why is that important from SEO point of view? ‘Listen my dear two-year-old son, this is (a) cat, and that is (a) dog.’ — Leaving out the article in definitions like this Source.

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