MUG ONE Software Review: Adobe Illustrator CS4 for Mac

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$599, $199 upgrade. Educational price $199. Upgrade requires a previous licensed version of Adobe Illustrator CS, CS2 or CS3, or Macromedia FreeHand 9, 10 or MX software. Adobe Illustrator CS4 adds a number of appealing features and tools to the Mac-standard vector drawing software. These enhancements, notably multiple artboards, transparency in gradients and the whimsically named Blob Brush, make the application a desirable purchase or upgrade for professional illustrators and graphic artists, as well as for serious hobbyists.. For designing interactive documents that can be exported as SWF files (a file playback format), InDesign CS4 adds panels for Buttons and Page Transitions The biggest news in this latest version of Illustrator for the Mac is multiple artboards. Prior to CS4, Illustrator was limited to a single artboard in a document, which meant that users could only work on one page at a time. Now you can add up to 100 artboards of varying sizes and shapes to a single document and arrange those artboards however you choose. Source. Looking for vector maps of Germany (Deutschland Vektorkarten) for Adobe Illustrator?.”

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