Objective: Using the given shapes below, create an image by adding other elements while maintaining the integrity of the original shape. Direction: Initially, multiple pencil sketches were drawn with personal creative ideas. A second, more detailed sketch was created with pen and mechanical drawing tools. Objective: We had to use a vector illustration program to make a monogram using a letter in my name. I had to make the monogram about something that I like. Direction: A block sized at 5.25′ x 5.25′ center with a 4 point line weight ,using a vector illustration program, showing my last name initial ‘M’ in an image of my choice. Dislikes: I didn’t like how difficult it was to draw the grill. It was harder than it looks. I wanted to add more detail to the car, but it was difficult to do. Directions: The maze was to fit on letter size paper(8.5′ x 11′), 2 legible fonts used with an appropriate theme. A child should be able to solve it. A graphic at the beginning and the end, a start and finish text. Path lines should be 2 points in width with a gaps of 1/2′ in width. The author name in the lower right corner. Two mazes are to be printed, one with a solution and one without a solution. Directions: I had to pick an image from the internet that represented me. Then I had to use Abode Illustrator to customize the image to be printed and hand-cut on film. The image was transferred to a screen for color screen printing. Objective: I had to pick a partner then use the Photographic Indirect Method and Print a image on a t-shirt. Then take a picture of the t-shirt to put on our online portfolio. Directions: Work with a partner. Mask image carefully. Then we had to tape our original on the platen so the image is centered and around 2′- 3′ down from the collar of the shirt. Line the frame up to the image on the platen and tighten the locking screws on the screen-printing press when the frame is in proper position. Then get the materials like newspaper on any side of the table, Plastisol Ink-Black Tube, Squeegee, Ink Knife, Gloves, Rags, Spray adhesive, Mineral spirits, and Spot dryer plugged in and switched on. Then we had to remove the original from platen and lightly dust the platen with adhesive and test print on paper first. Set the ink by heater with spot dryer for about 10 seconds. Likes: I liked how the shirts turned out. Then spray more adhesive on the platen then print on shirt and make sure the shirt is flat before printing. Then put the shirt in the spot dryer for 15 seconds. Then clean everything up by using gloves, rags, mineral spirits, and newspaper at printing press and throw al waste materials in trash- can. Objective: I had to pick a partner to design and print 100-page notepad from beginning to end. We had to make thumbnails, roughs, and a camera- ready copy. Directions: Get a partner that you did not work with then create 4 separate thumbnails from each. Create one rough identifying graphic, and font size and style. Then receive approval from teacher and design your document using inDesign and create the document by 18 1/2′ wide by 11 high. The Margins are inside= 1′, Top =1/2′, Bottom=1/2′, and Outside=1/2′. Then put the entire folder on a flash drive and have Mr. Zeroth print your plate to the Xante Platemaker Printer. Then print notepad and cut backer board and glue up with padding compound and padding press. Directions: The poster is 8 1/2′ x 11′ paper, containing at least one graphic, one or more lines of text and no more than three fonts that go well together. The poster must clearly promote an event or message and grab the reader’s attention. Source.

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